R.C. Blog: Want a development job? Solve a puzzle.

As you can probably guess, the biggest names in the tech industry such as Microsoft and Google have a lot of applicants every day. In such a fast-paced, competition-driven industry, being able to find the right talent from these huge pools of applicants is an ever-arduous challenge. But recruiting divisions have some tricks up their [...]

R.C. Blog: Welcome to .NET 4.5

With last month’s announcement of features and plans for .NET Framework 4.5 still settling in, we thought it was a good time to take stock of what information has come out and what issues are being discussed.

R.C. Blog: SharePoint Saturday Richmond 2011

This year SharePoint Saturday Richmond will be held on November, and by all indications it’s shaping up to be bigger and better than ever! At my last check, the speaker list was up to 26 and growing.

R.C. Blog: Developers in the Spotlight

Where a business might in years past have looked to see what new physical technologies might change how they do business, they’ll now look to developers to custom-tailor an application to provide the exact functionality they need.

R.C. Blog: The RC Way

We pride ourselves on our process, and we go to lengths to explain it on the site. But really it comes down to some very logical, straightforward beliefs.

R.C. Blog: Gaelen’s Advice For New Job-Seekers

Our founder Gaelen Kash has had this discussion many times, and we thought it was high time we get some of his advice down on paper! Well…on screen anyway.

R.C. Blog: Will You Be At SharePoint Conference 2011?

If you’re in the SharePoint world, there’s one annual conference of record: the Microsoft SharePoint Conference. As the official conference hosted by Microsoft, it traditionally features the biggest names and the most content.

R.C. Blog: .NET Development Trends in 2011

If last year was any indication, we’re in for a 2011 filled with major releases and changes to the ways applications are developed, managed, delivered, hosted and operated. For .NET programmers in particular, it’s been a fast-paced year with the release of .NET Framework 4 and other programs and platforms.

R.C. Blog: Breaking Down SharePoint Conferences

Fortunately for those of us who haven’t been fortunate enough to attend the majority of these events, there are people out there like Joel Oleson of SharePointJoel – a blog we have mentioned in our postings more than once. We get to benefit from his experience, as he has written out his take on each of more than 15 conferences that have happened or will happen this year. Be sure to check it out for his full description of many conferences.

R.C. Blog: Quotes on SharePoint

Boye has collected quotes from a cross-section of industry voices – including consultants, analysts, experts, and SharePoint employees.

R.C. Blog: Check out the free ASTreeView

Over at The Code Project, there are some great controls available for ASP.NET along with a wealth of useful information. One of those comes from user JIN Weiji, and is called ASTreeView. This treeview control comes with many useful features – and if you check the Code Project posting, there is a detailed list of [...]

R.C. Blog: Twitter looks to expand content with re-design

Twitter is enjoying a reign of popularity like few websites have ever achieved. Currently sitting at #9 on the Alexa top list, Twitter trails only under the likes of Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia. Back in early June, Twitter was boasting 190 million visitors a month and 65 million Tweets a day. Looking to keep [...]

R.C. Blog: Heard About SharePoint Saturdays?

If you haven’t heard about it, SharePoint Saturday is a series of events hosted to bring together a region of architects, developers, and all users of Microsoft SharePoint. Each event features speakers from all over the professional sphere. Speakers have included Adam Cogan from SSW, Allan Wellenstein of AW Systems, and Aaron Curlip from Corridor [...]

R.C. Blog: Orchard Project Releases Version 0.8

What is Orchard, you ask? Let’s go to the source: “Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused project aimed at delivering applications and reusable components on the ASP.NET platform.” Basically, they’re looking to provide a platform for developers to easily utilize .NET and CMS applications for web development. The components of Orchard will allow for [...]

R.C. Blog: Microsoft: Silverlight is Still Important to Us, We Promise

On top of those points, he discussed several trends that are the major factors of the “new” direction for Silverlight.

R.C. Blog: Why SharePoint is Better than Email for Business Processes

Over at EndUserSharePoint, Daniel Dunne is doing his part to help you iron out the things that are slowing down your business processes. If your business process  - the actions you take to deliver value to the customer – includes emailing someone and receiving a response, then your process is being unnecessarily slowed. Daniel cuts [...]

R.C. Blog: Three SharePoint Sites Merge to NothingButSharePoint

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you have no doubt come across something from EndUserSharePoint, SharePointDevwiki, or SharePointJoel. Between the three is an amazing depth of knowledge and information about everything SharePoint.

R.C. Blog: A Collection of SharePoint Links

As we’ve been blogging, tweeting, and Facebook-ing, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of the web’s best resources for all manner of development – particular SharePoint. We get tons of great topics and info for blogs and posts from these sites, so we figured we might as well do a little round up for you all!