Check out the free ASTreeView

Over at The Code Project, there are some great controls available for ASP.NET along with a wealth of useful information. One of those comes from user JIN Weiji, and is called ASTreeView. This treeview control comes with many useful features – and if you check the Code Project posting, there is a detailed list of each one. Each even comes complete with a live demo, so you can see the functionality in action. The list of just the first 10 functionalities goes:

  1. Drag & Drop – nodes can be dragged and dropped within a tree or between them
  2. Tree Lines – able to be enable/disabled
  3. Tree Node Icons – developer can use default, customized, or disable icons
  4. Checkbox – three states available: checked, unchecked, or half-checked
  5. Tree Node Context Menu – right click can be used to edit or delete nodes
  6. Multi-data Source Support – can bind sources datatable and XML datasource
  7. Server-side Event Support – OnSelectedNodeChanged and OnCheckedNodeChanged
  8. Ajax Nodes Loading Support – manage large numbers of nodes with the ability to load
  9. Multi-type Tree Nodes – nodes can postback with a hyperlink or  LinkButton
  10. ContextMenu Extending – ContextMenu can be expanded with custom options

This list of features currently run to 29, and more updates are being added. If you’re looking for a great free treeview control option, be sure to give ASTreeView a look.

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