Twitter looks to expand content with re-design

Twitter is enjoying a reign of popularity like few websites have ever achieved. Currently sitting at #9 on the Alexa top list, Twitter trails only under the likes of Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia. Back in early June, Twitter was boasting 190 million visitors a month and 65 million Tweets a day. Looking to keep user’s interest and compete with the multimedia options allowed by Facebook, Twitter is in the works of an overhaul to their website that will gives users some new abilities.

The big change is the ability to add rich-media content. A blog post about the redesign introduces the new features and explains the implementation process. Twitter has partnered up with some big name media content websites such as deviantART, Flickr, Justin TV, YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyBooth that will allow users to embed pictures and videos to their Tweets. This will without a doubt change the look and dynamic of Twitter alone, and will be interesting to see how they designers are able to streamline the process.

Other changes include an additional “details pane” that displays related information to a given Tweet such as replies, geotagging information, and other user Tweets. Small tweaks such as the removal of the “More Tweets” button and the addition of mini profiles that display user information without leaving the active page promise to add to the ease of use. More information about the coming changes can be found here. Over the next few weeks Twitter will phase the new design in by keeping both versions active until the redesign is complete.

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