Google Search Appliance Boost Abilities with Cloud Connect

Leena Rao of TechCrunch has put out an article that should be pretty big news for any company using the Google Search Appliance, or GSA. What is a GSA, you ask? It’s hardware/software combo in the form of a rack-mounted device that provides enterprise indexing over a wide range of data formats. In addition to all the major document formats, it can index databases and content management system like SAP, SharePoint, Oracle, MySQL, and FileNet. It provides indexing search results in the familiar Google search format, complete with cached results.

And now it’s plugged in to the cloud as well. On Sunday Google announced the new functionality of GSA – aptly named Cloud Connect. In addition to its normal on-site indexing abilities, the GSA can also connect to Google Sites, Google Docs, Twitter, blogs, and industry websites. Combined with Google Apps, it becomes a pretty comprehensive business indexing solution.

A few additional features include People Search – which as you may have guessed allows indexing and searching of employees via name, department, expertise, location, and more. Dynamic Navigation allows filtering of search results by various queries – something according to Google users have been requesting for some time. And, thankfully, SharePoint 2010 is supported right out of the box – no need for additional connectors.

Check out more about Google Search Appliance and Cloud Connect here. Thanks to TechCrunch for tweeting for the info! Follow them @TechCrunch, and while you’re at it you can follow us @RecruitConcepts.

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