Bamboo Labs Has Some Nifty Free SharePoint Tools

Bamboo Nation, the SharePoint community site offshoot of Bamboo Solutions, has been a quality hub on SharePoint informations, forum discussion, and download-ables. One of the most interesting parts of the site is Bamboo Labs, where various new and in development tools from Bamboo are released to users for showcasing and testing.

In contrast to their premium tools, all of the releases from Bamboo Labs are free to use – at the expense of limited support only via the forums. Bamboo uses these essentially beta periods as both a service to the community and a source of free testing – a win win in anyone’s book. Some of these nifty tools include:

SharePoint Price Calculator: A tool that calculates license costs for SharePoint 2010 in various ways. Initial cost, additional servers, and the cost of expanding SharePoint to more employees are all potential functions. While not quite the same as getting an official quote from a Microsoft Licensing Specialist, it serves well as a research tool.

SharePoint Analyzer 1.5: A lightweight client that allows quick access to a SharePoint server. A server component is installed to then allow any user to easily access it via the Analyzer Client.

SharePoint Tag Cloud Web Part: With this tool, you can create your own custom tag cloud. Unlike traditional web tag clouds, the cloud isn’t populated by user or list/library input – instead you must input all the tags manually (allowing for more precise control at the same time).

There’s more where those came from over at Bamboo Labs, so check it out. Since the tools are in development, they’re only available on the site until they’re released in full form (and for full price). Get them while they last!

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