Why SharePoint is Better than Email for Business Processes

Over at EndUserSharePoint, Daniel Dunne is doing his part to help you iron out the things that are slowing down your business processes. If your business process  - the actions you take to deliver value to the customer – includes emailing someone and receiving a response, then your process is being unnecessarily slowed.

Daniel cuts straight to the heart of the matter in his post. “The moment that any recurring sequence of a value chain includes emailing someone and expecting an email response in order to continue, it becomes untraceable, immeasurable, and effectively out of control.”

Simply put, if emailing someone and waiting for a response is part of your daily routine to get work done for a customer, you can’t effectively measure how effective the process is.

This is where SharePoint can make a big difference. A simple list can be created that will log and track requests, alert the appropriate people, allow them to approve or reject the request, and pass it along to the next person in the process line.

Daniel concedes that yes, it requires a bit of front-end work in building the list and educating the necessary personnel to use it. However, we’re talking about a 1-2 day period to get it up and running for everyone. That compared to all the time it takes to write and respond to emails everyday is peanuts. Not to mention you will then have a system that gives you a much better ability to monitor efficiency and estimate completion times.

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