Three SharePoint Sites Merge to NothingButSharePoint

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you have no doubt come across something from EndUserSharePoint, SharePointDevwiki, or SharePointJoel. Between the three is an amazing depth of knowledge and information about everything SharePoint.

And now the three are becoming one! Not in some new-age metaphysical way – they are merging their websites into one central hub for all things SharePoint –

We’re always trying to do our part here in contributing to the great SharePoint community on the web, and we’re happy to do a little spotlight for the exciting new venture these guys have set on.

Joel discusses the move on his blog here, and talks about how things will work at the new site. The idea is to consolidate SharePoint news and articles from the three perspectives each site covered: end user, developers, and IT professionals.

On the site itself, Jeremy Thake goes into much deeper detail about how the site was built. It’s really a fascinating read for anyone in the field – he goes from the initial plan through skinning, migration, implementation, development, all the way to lessons they learned along the way.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to utilize this great new resource! Consolidating the three sites into one is nice for convenience sake, but we’re really pumped to see what sort of great original content comes from the collaboration.

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