A Collection of SharePoint Links

As we’ve been blogging, tweeting, and Facebook-ing, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of the web’s best resources for all manner of development – particular SharePoint. Some are blogs, some are news sites, some are purely technical articles – and all have something interesting to offer. We get tons of great topics and info for blogs and posts from these sites, so we figured we might as well do a little round up for you all!

You really can’t beat going straight to the source, and Scott Guthrie is that source for Microsoft-related development. Scott, vice president of Microsoft’s Development Division, does a lot of writing for his personal blog. His blog is a font of news, advice, and development know-how.

Similarly, the blogs of any SharePoint MVP are almost always filled with useful articles and advice from some of the best in the business. There are many of them out there, such as Michael Nemtsev, Matthew McDermott, and Mike Walsh.

In addition to these personal blogs, there is a wealth of quality SharePoint community sites and blogs out there. We’ve mentioned both Bamboo Nation and NothingButSharePoint before, so we won’t go into much detail for them here – suffice it to say they remain excellent sources of info.

Another few we haven’t mentioned in the blog before include SharePoint Magazine, who as you’d expect do lots of featured articles and quality interviews. CMSWire is another site we regularly get quality dev news from.

For purely technical articles – how-to’s, guides, and summaries – DotNetSlackers has you covered. They have sections for SharePoint, ASP.NET, Agile, #C, JavaScript, Silverlight, and no less than 30 other topics. It’s pretty impressive.

We’ve mentioned Channel 9 before as well, but they are also worth another mention. Save for hunting through YouTube and Google Video, you won’t find a better library of videos on everything from apps to .NET systems to cloud and SharePoint.

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