Quotes on SharePoint

SharePoint can be a surprisingly hard thing to define. While you can say it’s a content management system, the truth is the variety of applications for it have made it difficult to get any more specific than that.

Janus Boye decided to go to the experts in his blog post, “10 Quotes on what SharePoint really is.” Boye has collected quotes from a cross-section of industry voices – including consultants, analysts, experts, and SharePoint employees.

The quotes he has pulled paint a mixed picture of SharePoint. Quotes include the effusive words of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (“SharePoint unleashes a suite of capabilities that dramatically improves the way people work), and the cautious advice of Mauro Cardarelli (“It requires thorough planning if you want to get an accurate budget figure.”).

Some of the most telling quotes came from the UK and New Zealand. Michael Simpson says, “Microsoft SharePoint has taken the market by storm, but the embrace of the technology has run ahead of the business and human factors thinking required to make it work.” Martin White perhaps says it best and simplest, “With power comes complexity.”

The general consensus, if one can really be found, is that SharePoint’s versatility and popularity are undeniable – but it is complex and requires dedication to use efficiently.

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