Breaking Down SharePoint Conferences

Every year we’re seeing more and more great events around the country and around the world crop up – events that range from regional gatherings to huge annual conventions. Keeping track of which is when, who will be speaking at and attending each, and where they all are can be tricky. Deciding which ones to work in to your schedule can be harder still.

Fortunately for those of us who haven’t been fortunate enough to attend the majority of these events, there are people out there like Joel Oleson of SharePointJoel – a blog we have mentioned in our postings more than once. We get to benefit from his experience, as he has written out his take on each of more than 15 conferences that have happened or will happen this year. Be sure to check it out for his full description of many conferences.

His list includes some of the biggest, such as Microsoft Tech Ed and SharePoint Conference. Joel notes that at the recent SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, there were over 7000 in attendance (the next will be in Anaheim, CA October 3-6). As Microsoft events, these feature prominent names amongst Microsoft MVP’s.

Others on his list include:

Definitely check out his post, if for no other reason than to check out the Paint-drawn chart of the conferences, based on Attendance x  # of Technologies.

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