The RC Way

The first question someone asks when considering a recruiting firm is “what makes you different?” It’s the imperative question, after all. Why should I select you over another recruiter? Why should I use any recruiter, for that matter? In fact, if you’re not asking yourself and your recruiter these questions, you’re probably not getting very far in the recruiting process. We’ll tell you what makes Recruiting Concepts different, and why it matters to your business.

As we discuss in Our Process on our website, there are four aspects that make Recruiting Concepts stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on this process, and we go to lengths to explain it there. But really it comes down to some very logical, straightforward beliefs.

  1. We find the candidates that want to be and deserve to be found. You can’t just have the experience; you need the drive and the ambition. Just the same, you need the proven experience to show your value and potential.
  2. That means more than just an email with a candidate. We interview and get to know our candidates before they are brought to our clients – that way we can be sure both sides will see a fit.
  3. It’s a business relationship, not a factory. We don’t just churn out candidates or dole out positions – we invest ourselves with both parties to ensure a match.
  4. Finish what you start. The interview isn’t the end of the process – just the start. We stick with both sides through the whole interview and evaluation process to see things to a successful conclusion.

It may not as easy as the “headhunting” you often see these days, but it’s the route that will lead to long-term success for both the client and the candidate.  Because in today’s economy, spending the time and resources only to bring in the wrong person can be a costly mistake – one we pride ourselves on helping you avoid.

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