SharePoint Saturday Richmond 2011

It’s that time of year again – SharePoint event season! I’m not sure why many of these events occur in the fall, perhaps following the lead of the mighty SharePoint Conference (this years is just around the corner, October 3-6). It makes for an exiting time for those of us who thrive on these opportunities to learn from the best and mingle with our colleagues local and worldwide.

This year SharePoint Saturday Richmond will be held on November, and by all indications it’s shaping up to be bigger and better than ever! At my last check, the speaker list was up to 26 and growing. So exciting to see so many talented professionals in our area stepping up to share their expertise with everyone. We would be remiss to try and list them all and do them justice here, but be sure to take a look at the current roster. And there’s still room for more! To become a part of the already prestigious schedule, check out the form.

Recruiting Concepts is very proud this year to be a sponsor for this year’s event! Doing our part to assist this great event that gives so much back to our professional community was a must, and we tip our collective hat to the other fine sponsors! There is still plenty of time to become a sponsor, and you see all the details here.

And last but not least, get in on the conversation! Twitter is buzzing with talk about the latest speakers and who will be coming, so don’t miss out. The tag for the Richmond event is #spric – you ARE on Twitter, aren’t you?

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